Auto Accident Causes in Kansas: Why You Need Wichita Kansas Accident Lawyers

car accidentA serious traffic accident can be a frightening event but dealing with the aftereffects of a crash can be equally frustrating. If you have experienced a traffic accident that resulted from the negligence of someone else, you may consider seeking monetary damages from the responsible party. If your lawsuit is to be successful, however, you will need proper legal representation. This type of assistance is available from the Franklin Law Office P.A.

The Risks of Driving
Traffic accidents in Kansas claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands every year. In addition to the human toll, vehicles are regularly damaged or destroyed in crashes. Among the leading causes of vehicular mishaps are driver distraction and driver intoxication. Speeding and unsafe lane changes also factor in many wrecks. Other causes include defects in vehicles, hazardous road conditions and bad weather. Accidents often result from a combination of factors. In dealing with the legal aspects of a crash, it will take a careful review of the facts to determine responsibility. Wichita Kansas accident lawyers have the ability to make such a determination.

When to Seek Damages
Kansas has a “no-fault” insurance system, which means that the damages incurred are covered by a driver’s own policy. In cases where the costs of an accident exceed the amount provided, it may be necessary to file a claim against the other driver or insurance company. Wichita Kansas accident lawyers understand the workings of the justice system and will provide you with the advice needed throughout the legal process. A lawyer can help you obtain the damages needed to cover your medical bills, to replace lost income or as compensation for the pain and suffering related to your injury. If you have suffered a traffic accident and are planning legal action, consider a consultation with the Franklin Law Office P.A.