Be On The Lookout For Drunk Drivers This Summer

drunk driversAs summer arrives, more and more people decide to enjoy themselves at parties or other events. Unfortunately, many of them will consume excessive amounts of alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When they do, other drivers on the road are immediately put in extreme danger. Sadly, thousands of people each year are injured or killed by drunk drivers. If you find yourself injured because of these negligent and careless individuals, turn to car accident attorneys in Wichita KS at the Franklin Law Office for legal representation.


Compensation for Injuries

When you are hit by a drunk driver, the irony is that the other driver may not be seriously injured. However, chances are you will not be so lucky. Instead, you may be dealing with broken bones, whiplash, brain injuries, and possibly even life-changing injuries such as paralysis or the amputation of a limb. Should these injuries occur, you will need substantial compensation for current medical treatment as well as that which you will need in the future. Because of this, always turn to experienced car accident attorneys in Wichita KS at the Franklin Law Office for assistance.


Insurance Company Negotiations

When auto accidents take place involving drunk drivers, insurance companies may not be eager to pay out claims to victims. In some instances, the insurance company may try to find evidence that claims the drunk driver was not actually drunk, and that it was you who actually caused the accident. If you let this happen, you may be denied the compensation you need and deserve, and the drunk driver may never be held accountable for their actions.


Since these cases can involve many different aspects, always rely on knowledgeable car accident attorneys in Wichita KS for legal representation. To discuss your case in more detail, schedule your consultation as soon as possible with the Franklin Law Office.