Can A Lawyer Help Me Receive Workers’ Compensation?

Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insuranceWhen you have been injured on the job, you should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation. However, there are times when employers and insurance companies will try everything possible to deny your claim. Should this occur, you should never try to fight this battle on your own. Instead, you should hire a Wichita worker compensation lawyer who is experienced in handling these cases and has a track record of success for their clients. When in need of help with this matter, always turn to the Franklin Law Office for assistance.

Employer Retaliation
Though you are entitled to file for workers’ compensation, some employers will take this as an act of defiance and attempt to retaliate against you. This may include threats or intimidation, demotions, or even attempting to fire you from your job. However, by hiring an accident and injury attorney in Wichita immediately after your injury, this makes it far less likely your employer will be able to use such tactics against you.

Gathering Evidence
Since these cases rely heavily on evidence, hiring a Wichita worker compensation lawyer will allow you to have as much evidence as possible to support your claim. By being able to obtain medical records documenting your injuries, eyewitness statements, and perhaps information proving your employer created a dangerous work environment for employees, your attorney can develop a strong legal strategy that will work in your favor.

Negotiating Settlements
Once you have an accident and injury attorney in Wichita working for you, they will be able to help negotiate a settlement that will give you the compensation you need and deserve. By having an ample amount of evidence, your attorney will be able to pressure your employer’s insurance company into doing what is right for you.

Should you be in need of a consultation regarding your workers’ compensation claim, contact the Franklin Law Office immediately.