Can I Get Benefits If I Am At Fault for the Accident?

Kansas is one of the few states with a “No-Fault” car accident policy, meaning that in case of an accident, each individual pays for their damages. The scenario often looks simple on the onset, but it can give rise to more complicated claims. If you are the party at fault in an accident, always ensure you talk to a Wichita KS car accident attorney for the right legal advice on the interpretation of the “No-Fault” policy.

While the “No-Fault” car accident policy has greatly helped deal with minor damages hence reducing case backlogs in Kansas Courts. There are some instances where an insurance policy can’t take care of all the damages arising from an accident thus leading to a lawsuit. If a lawsuit to recover the extra damages arising from the accident is filed against you always contact a Kansas Wichita accident lawyer for the right legal guidance.

What do PIP benefits cover?

Car insurance policies in Kansas include Personal Injury Insurance, commonly known as PIP.When an accident occurs, either party, whether at fault or not, can suffer injuries. PIP benefits are not to access fault but rather to compensate for damages arising from an accident. PIP covers medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, etc. Consulting with a car accident lawyer in Wichita even before you reach out to your insurer can help you understand your PIP benefits entitlements.

How can an attorney help you get your benefits?

Pursuing your PIP benefits more so when you are the party at fault is not an easy process. Contacting a car accident lawyer in Wichita from Franklin Law Office can help you know the right legal procedure, subsequently maximizing your PIP benefits. A car accident attorney can lead the way by taking you through your initial agreement with the insurance company to establish your actual legal entitlement.