What Doctor Am I Allowed to See After a Work Injury?

Your safety and well-being are your top priority when you are on the job. Although the work you do is hazardous, you can minimize the threat to life and limb by adhering strictly to procedures that are designed to keep you from harm. However, your employer must do their part. They must carry out thorough… Read More

Denied Workers Compensation? How Could a Lawyer Help?

You can still possibly receive workers compensation, even if your claim has been denied. The Franklin Law Office has workers compensation lawyers in Wichita KS who can review your case. They will get to the bottom of the reason for the denial, and possibly provide you with options. You should’ve received a letter explaining the… Read More

Be On The Lookout For Drunk Drivers This Summer

As summer arrives, more and more people decide to enjoy themselves at parties or other events. Unfortunately, many of them will consume excessive amounts of alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When they do, other drivers on the road are immediately put in extreme danger. Sadly, thousands of people each year are… Read More

Workers’ Compensation for Public Employees

As a public employee, you may be uncertain if you are eligible for the same workers’ compensation benefits that are awarded to employees of private companies. The good news is that there are benefits available to those employed in city, county, and state positions. Just as with workers’ compensation in other companies, medical and wage… Read More

Kansas Winter Car Accidents: How to Avoid Them

Winter’s coming, and that means that it’s time to get ready for winter driving. If you’ve ever driven in a Kansas winter, you know that accidents are a little more common both due to increased holiday traffic and changing weather conditions. It’s always good to start by watching the weather. If it looks like it’s… Read More

Labor Laws in Kansas: Tips for Your Case

Workers have certain rights in Kansas. While Kansas is a right-to-work state, that doesn’t mean that workers are entirely without protections. If you think that your employer is violating the law in terms of working conditions, pay, or other factors, the Wichita KS work injury attorneys at the Franklin Law Office think it’s vital that… Read More

Contract Negotiations: What a Lawyer Can Do for You

When you are involved in contract negotiations, it is important to understand your rights and how contract terms can affect you. To ensure that you are protected and that the contract is fair and complete, you should consult with the Wichita Kansas workers compensation lawyers from Franklin Law Office. What types of issues should you… Read More

Labor Law Case Do’s and Don’ts

When you go to work each day, you don’t expect anything unusual to occur. However, situations may arise that result in a dispute with your employer. Whether you are injured on the job or are involved in another situation, it is important to make sure you know the particular do’s and don’ts of your case…. Read More

Main Differences Between A Workers’ Compensation Claim and Personal Injury

If you’re injured at work, it can be unclear if you should seek workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim, depending on the circumstance. While the difference between the two is slight, it is important to know what route to take to ensure that you receive your due payment for your injuries. Once you sustain… Read More

How Can I Maximize My Workers Compensation Claim?

Once you’ve been injured on the job, you most likely are concerned with how you will pay your bills and provide for your family. Most employees are familiar with workers’ compensation and that it is an insurance to make sure that they are still paid when they are not available to work. It may seem… Read More

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