Do I Have to Be a Full Time Employee to Receive Workers Comp?

workers compensationIf you’ve been hurt on the job, you’re probably wondering if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation. One of the questions that may arise is whether or not you have to be a full-time employee to get it. Here’s the answer to that question and a few more details about workers’ compensation so that you can understand the process.

Do You Have to Be Full-Time for Workers’ Comp? A Kansas worker does not have to have full-time employment status to collect workers’ compensation. The worker only has to be a regular employee. Regular employees are eligible for compensation and medical coverage under workers compensation. Contractors are not eligible for coverage whether they work full-time hours or part-time hours, however the employer must be able to prove that an injured worker is a true independent contractor, typically with written contracts or the manner in which the injured worker is paid. Employers often improperly claim that employees are independent contractors in an attempt to avoid responsibility for work related injuries.

A Wichita KS workers comp law firm can answer questions about work status and workers’ compensation eligibility – including whether your claim can be excluded as an independent contractor.

What Other Qualifications Must You Meet? One other qualification an employee must meet to collect workers’ compensation is the injury qualification. The individual must be able to prove that he or she has received an injury at work, and that the work injury is the PRIMARY cause of the injury and need for medical treatment. The fault does not matter in a workers’ compensation case. Injured persons must also have received their injuries at work or during the course of work. Workers comp attorneys in Wichita can help to clarify that information, as well.

How Workers Comp Attorneys in Wichita Can Help? Workers comp attorneys in Wichita can help to push the claim to process faster. A firm like this can also assist if a workers’ compensation claim gets denied. Franklin Law office is a seasoned firm that delights in helping people get the compensation they deserve after an injury.

Contact a Wichita KS workers comp law firm such as Franklin Law Office to schedule a consultation about your incident. You may have several options to get compensation for the work wages you have lost.