Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in KS on My Case?

divorce lawyerAre you planning to divorce your spouse? You will need to have a team of Wichita Kansas divorce lawyers to help you get through the process. There are many issues at stake. These include your property, such as your home, many of your assets, and the custody of any children that you may have.

How Can Wichita Kansas Divorce Lawyers Help You?

You may have come into the marriage with a number of assets and other items that you wish to retain after your divorce. For example, the home you live in may have been handed down to you by your parents. You don’t want to risk losing your home or other assets to your former spouse. Your best bet is to hire a divorce lawyer to ensure that this does not occur.

There may be issues regarding assets that you want to hang on to. For example, you may have stocks or bonds that represent a large proportion of your net worth. If you do not want to lose full custody of these assets, you will need the help of an expert Wichita divorce lawyer to help you keep them.

You may be concerned about getting full or partial custody of your children. This will involve proving to the court that you are fit to handle this crucial responsibility. We will work with you to ensure that you get a fair and full hearing that leads to the result you are looking for.

Contact the Franklin Law Office for More Information

If all efforts at reconciliation have failed and divorce is your only option, you need to proceed carefully. It’s an excellent idea to contact the Franklin Law Office to get the best possible legal representation. We will handle your case and make sure that you get a settlement that satisfies your needs. Contact us today for more info.