Do You Have to Use a Company Doctor for a Workers Comp Case?

company doctor for workers compensationAfter getting hurt on the job, naturally, the next step is to seek medical attention for your injuries. However, did you know that the doctor you see can be determined by workers’ compensation rules? If you seek to make a claim for workers’ compensation, it is important to know the laws that govern which doctor you can visit at the time of an injury. Wichita workers comp attorneys can help you understand how this works by explaining why you may have to see a doctor chosen by your employer as opposed to one you choose on your own. The attorneys at the Franklin Law Office can also assist you with other components of your workers’ compensation case related to choice of doctor.

Choosing a Doctor for Workers’ Compensation
There are regulations that state if a doctor must be appointed or can be chosen for initial visits and for follow-up care. The duties of a doctor handling a work-related injury can differ from that of a doctor handling a routine check-up. One of the main differences is the forms that have to be completed for insurance purposes. In addition, the doctor has the authority to recommend more medical attention or time off from work. Insurance companies tend to prefer a doctor in their network to have this power so that they can be more involved with this process.

If you are allowed to choose your physician, it is important that they know that you are requesting them to treat a work-related injury so that they can follow proper protocol regarding insurance forms and communicating with your employer. The legal responsibilities for all parties can be thoroughly explained by Wichita workers comp attorneys, which is why it’s important to hire one if you are in this situation.

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