Injured At Work While Part Of A Union? What Workers’ Compensation Looks Like For You

work injuryWhen workers are injured on the job, one program they rely on to help make up for lost income is workers’ compensation. While some employers balk at providing these benefits to injured employees, workers who are part of a union have far less to worry about. Should you be a union worker and find yourself injured on the job, do not let your employer keep you from receiving those benefits to which you are entitled. If you are experiencing difficulties with such a situation, consult workers compensation lawyers in Wichita at the Franklin Law Office.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

As a union worker, you are part of a collective bargaining agreement negotiated between your union and your employer. As such, you are not only entitled to standard workers’ compensation benefits, but also additional benefits that have been put in place by your union. This usually means payments that will be just as much or more than those required by state regulations, and can also include other benefits such as additional funding provided by the union itself.

Assistance with Injury Claim
Even if you are a union member and are part of a collective bargaining agreement that automatically entitles you to workers’ compensation benefits, you will likely still encounter some resistance from your employer and insurance companies. For example, your employer may try to claim your injuries were incurred by you performing unauthorized tasks or placing yourself in an unnecessarily dangerous situation. Along with this, an insurance company may claim your injuries were not serious enough to make workers’ compensation necessary. Rather than try to deal with these situations on your own, always rely on workers compensation lawyers in Wichita at the Franklin Law Office.

Though you will have substantial support from your union, never take anything for granted regarding workers’ compensation. Should problems arise, consult immediately with the Franklin Law Office.