Injured on the Job? What to Do Next

personal injuryAfter being seriously injured in a work-related accident anywhere in the State of Kansas, you have theright to seek immediate first aid or necessary medical treatment right away. After that, you have to provide your employer with written notice of the accident within 20 days of the date that you got hurt. If you do not give the employer appropriate and timely notice, that might not bar you from recovery under Kansas workers’ compensation laws, but a failure to provide such notice within 75 days will probably cause your claim to be denied. On that basis, you’ll want to contact the Wichita KS workers compensation lawyers at the Franklin Law Office P.A. right away after your accident. Upon being retained by you, timely and proper written notice of your injuries will be provided to your employer.

The accident must be the prevailing cause of the injuries that you claim, and it must arise out of the course of your employment. Injuries that arise from the natural aging process, ordinary activities of daily life or social or recreational events for which attendance is not mandatory could be excluded and not classified as being out of and in the course of your employment. You need an experienced lawyer on your side if the insurance company is claiming such an exclusion.

After you have filed notice of the injury with your employer, the employer or its insurance carrier must file a report with the Kansas Division of Workers’ Compensation within 28 days of being notified of the accident. Carriers can also send you for second opinions to the doctors of their choosing, you have certain rights that you can obtain second opinions as an injured worker without the insurance carrier’s consent – these are limited funds, so it is important to choose the right doctor to get the proper evaluation and causation opinion to maximize your chances of receiving treatment or additional treatment in Court.

To assure timely and proper notice of a work-related accident, notify your employer immediately, and retain the Wichita KS workers compensation lawyers at the Franklin Law Office P.A. Contact us right away after being seriously injured at work, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation and case review.