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labor lawIn a day and age when governments do nothing to prevent companies and obscenely rich CEOs from sending jobs overseas, protecting the negotiating position of unions is more important than ever. At the Franklin Law Office, we work closely with unions in negotiating contracts and in protecting workers’ rights in grievances involving unfair labor practices and violations of contractual agreements. Our lawyer, Joni Franklin, has extensive experience in negotiating union contracts and asserting the rights of workers when management attempts to circumvent contractual terms and obligations. Ms. Franklin has worked with the International Association of Firefighters and completed Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation .

Comprehensive union benefits begin with an effective collective bargaining agreement (CBA). If you have been injured at work or want to file a grievance against the company you work for, you should have an experienced labor relations attorney on your side. At the Franklin Law Office, we focus almost exclusively in the area of labor law, providing a depth of understanding of the issues involved from representing unions and their members on a regular basis. To schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you, contact a Wichita labor law attorney at the Franklin Law Office today.


Negotiating a labor law contract is essential for protecting current and future rights and interests. Given the recent financial crisis and issues associated with healthcare and retirement benefits, it’s important to include financial terms governing transparency, auditing of accounts, and similar provisions to protect a union’s long-term interests. Likewise, understanding how healthcare deductibles and reimbursement accounts are essential if union members are to avoid a healthcare plan that costs them substantially more. By joining a union, you receive certain rights. It is the job of a labor relations attorney to make sure those rights are protected. Due to recent state law provisions, union workers are often eligible for additional benefits. We can help you determine which benefits are available to you. We also offer a discount to union members in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.


We work with a variety of unions to help them ensure that their workers are protected while at work and in case of injury. When on-the-job-injuries require workers’ compensation benefits or lead to disability, it’s important to assert and protect your rights. Employers that attempt to circumvent protections and benefits contained in union contracts are liable for financial damages incurred by employees. Our office works closely with union workers to ensure the terms and conditions of a union contract are honored. We are prepared to enter into arbitration or litigation when employers balk at agreed to terms.


There are a number of ways an experienced lawyer can protect the rights of workers:

  • Public: We help unions aggressively pursue individual employees file grievances through their local municipality or county process, and if not satisfied in some instances continue that fight all the way to the State’s Public Employees Relations Board.
  • Private: Individuals employed by private companies file their complaints through arbitration.

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In Kansas, union contracts are typically negotiated every three years. We represent a wide variety of unions, from firefighters and police officers to agricultural and industrial factory workers. Our experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements gives us has taught us what goes into creating those contracts and the proper methods to get the most out of your union benefits.


We have made it our priority to protect the rights of workers. At the Franklin Law Office, we fight for individuals who have been injured at work and the rights for unions to protect their workers. To discuss your case with an experienced labor law attorney, call (316)264-JONI (5664) or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.