What Doctor Am I Allowed to See After a Work Injury?

injury doctorYour safety and well-being are your top priority when you are on the job. Although the work you do is hazardous, you can minimize the threat to life and limb by adhering strictly to procedures that are designed to keep you from harm. However, your employer must do their part. They must carry out thorough and effective risk assessments and mitigate hazards to worker safety.

What Happens After an Injury?

If you have been injured on the job, you should inform your supervisor about it straight away. After your injury, you will immediately be covered by certain rights. You will have the right to file a claim for your injury, you will have the right to see a doctor and receive medical treatment, you will have the right to return to work if your physician determines that you can, you will have the right to receive disability compensation if you cannot return to work, and you will have the right to disagree with and appeal any corporate or insurance decision that goes against you.

You will also have the right to be represented by a lawyer throughout this process.

The Doctors You Are Allowed to See

You are allowed to see your own doctor and to follow their treatment and advice. The company or their insurer may ask you to see a physician of their choosing. You can accede to this, but you need not accept the assessment and determination of their doctor as final. You can decide to pursue your workers’ comp case based on the findings and medical evaluation of your own doctor. The latter knows you better, and you have established a relationship of trust and transparency with them. There is nothing in law or medicine that prevents you from grounding your claim in their judgement.

Fighting Your Case

The Wichita work injury attorneys at the Franklin Law Office can help you defend your rights and pursue your interests. The Wichita work injury attorneys at the Franklin Law Office will fight your case with integrity and determination.