Why You Need a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer If You Aren’t Receiving Your Injury Compensation

injured woman asking for isurance help to the lawyerMany people are under the impression that because workers’ compensation is intended to be a no-fault system of providing injured workers with benefits they need while out of work that it will not be difficult to get an application approved. As it turns out, workers’ compensation insurance carriers routinely delay or outright deny injury claims for a number of issues, and people can be left scrambling to try and figure out what their options are.

In many cases, there can be issues with preexisting injuries aggravated by work conditions that insurers claim are not compensable. In other cases, insurance companies may dispute whether an injury was actually related to a person’s job.

If you are having trouble getting your workers’ compensation claim approved, you will want to make sure you are working with the work accident attorneys at Franklin Law Office. Our Wichita KS work compensation attorney can help you get your claim approved or help you exercise your rights to appeal so you are able to recover every dollar that you are entitled to.

It will be in your best interest to retain legal counsel before you even file your initial application. An attorney will be beneficial in identifying any errors on the application and can also help you obtain the medical records needed to prove the nature of your injury.

A lawyer can be of further benefit to you beyond just workers’ compensation because while employers are frequently at fault for many accidents in the workplace, they are immune from any civil lawsuits. This protection is not afforded to other negligent third parties, however, and you may be able to file a lawsuit against another party in addition to your workers’ compensation.

The work accident attorneys at Franklin Law Office have helped scores of people recover the workers’ compensation they need and deserve. You will want a Wichita KS work compensation attorney on your side so you can have the best chance possible of getting everything that is available to you.