Workers’ Compensation for Public Employees

Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insuranceAs a public employee, you may be uncertain if you are eligible for the same workers’ compensation benefits that are awarded to employees of private companies. The good news is that there are benefits available to those employed in city, county, and state positions. Just as with workers’ compensation in other companies, medical and wage benefits are provided for the duration of the injury. However, the rules are different in a number of ways and they should be discussed with an attorney. Wichita workers compensation lawyers can explain how you should go about claiming this benefit if you are a public employee. The Franklin Law Office has attorneys that will show the coverage you are eligible for and how workers’ compensation statutes apply to you.

Workers’ Compensation as a Public Employee
Employees in the public sector are given benefits that will help them take care of their expenses such as medical bills and monthly personal needs. The difference between workers’ compensation in the public sector versus private companies is that there are statutes that govern this insurance for employees. In addition, depending on if you’re a state or local employee, there can be certain programs that manage your benefits. There are specific programs that are tailored for specialized positions and they, too, can have their own set of rules.

An attorney is necessary for claims because they can represent you to ensure that you get the rights you deserve. A lawyer can explain the coverage you will receive and if you are able to pursue further legal action if you wish.

Wichita workers compensation lawyers know the legal complexities of workers’ compensation for public employees. Contact the Franklin Law Office to learn more about your workers’ compensation plan and to get the legal advice you need to proceed with your claim.